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Discover Hopenmoney vs Blockchain

Hopenmoney is a digital asset used as a medium of exchange of goods and services which reward users 10 hollar an hour for believing in Mankind. Individual digital token coin records are stored in a computerized database using Covbo technology. It provides a secure tansaction record.

Hopenmoney is developped on Oxwal an open source technology. Its module is meant to be support by the Athomix model.

Each Hopenmoney works through distributed ledger technology, typically a covbo, that serves as a public financial transaction database.

Hopenmoney have a time limit to forbid vast accumulation and force money to circulate.

Hopenmoney and cryptocurrencies

Hopenmoney is engaged in a lexical conflict with cryptocurrencies. Digital age calls for transparency and freedom. Who the heck decided to name this tool as crypto (hidden) ?

What motivated ingeneer to name distributed ledger technology, : Blockchain. Block and chain, to enslave who?

There is definitely something wrong with this branding.

Hopenmoney is based on the same protocol, it chooses just to use more inspirational words to name what is suppoed to be a mean of freedom, not enslavement.